New Home Page

A new project has brought me back to redesign Jazz Airwaves. It’s got a new backend and more closely supports the creative concepts I'm working on.

Recent projects have involved Web applications wrapped in Bootstrap frameworks. Two JavaScript components have made things easier for building interactive Web apps.


The first is the tried-and-true DataTables plug-in for jQuery JavaScript library. Very flexible and easy to use.


A newer component helping me is the popular FullCalendar JavaScript tool. It's been easy to integrate this open-source library.


Lastly, I've redesigned this site using Joomla! This has its drawbacks, as there are specific methods, modules and menus to configure, using Joomla! templates and articles. This one will take a bit more study to master.


If you're new to my website, I hope you find something interesting or educational. This is not as ambitious a project as I've developed in the past, but gives me a platform to try out new concepts and share what I've learned with you.